Brandon Architects

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Brandon Architects, Inc. is a boutique full-service architectural design firm specializing in custom residential, multi-family, commercial, and hospitality building types. Our focus is on creating successful projects by providing the very best in architectural service and design.

Brandon Architects is a talented, diverse, and motivated group of design individuals who have been influencing the neighborhoods of Newport Beach and coastal Orange County since 2009. Their youthful and inspired approach to the design process has afforded them a vast variety of design projects ranging from traditional high end custom homes to modern custom luxury boutique hotels.Brandon Architects prides itself on the delivery of custom design projects that are unique to each client. They have often earned the title of “good listeners” from their clients. They believe that getting to know their clients’ needs and wishes coupled with in depth knowledge of the site and various design principles as well as their use of cutting edge technology allows for the best possible design solutions. 

Brandon Architects strongly stands behind the idea that smarter design leads to better living. Their hard work and beautiful designs are now recognized across various design platforms, publications, and word of mouth throughout the community. 

We take a holistic approach with each project, evaluating the needs of the individual client with the constraints of a site to determine appropriate solutions. Our services ensure that each process is unique and that client expectations are exceeded. Great design is achieved through a unique creative process and implemented using today’s latest 3D/BIM project execution tools. In addition, our smart design process explores available sustainable techniques and technologies to present green and socially responsible solutions in an affordable manner.