Top Things To Know When Picking A Builder

Top Things To Know When Picking A Builder

As summer draws to a close its time to start getting serious about your home improvement aspirations. It is back to school season, after all. However, this is something that isn’t to be taken lightly. There are a lot of options out there but it is tough to know where to begin. How do you find the right resource to execute your project correctly? As you begin your research, let us be your adviser.  Here are some things you should be on the lookout for.

Do your homework. If you’re truly serious about the project, you should gain an understanding of the architectural language. Know the jargon. Do you know what cantilever is? How about BIM? Fenestration?  Ensure you know the vocabulary and you won’t be taken for a ride. Make no mistake, there will be a test at the end.

Make sure you have a plan. Before you engage with a builder you should have a detailed understanding of what you want (plans/design) as well as when you can reasonably expect it completed and what you are willing to pay. But you don’t need to have a degree in graphic design to explore your initial ideas. Everyone has to start somewhere – even the most grandiose designs were born on the back of a napkin. Collect your ideas and start doing your research.

Look for a fixed price. Or as close to one as you can. With any project, there is the risk of unexpected expenses. You can’t always control ‘scope creep’ but you can make an effort to reduce it by understanding exactly what you will be paying for. Make sure you are looking at the most comprehensive quote they can provide. You might not be looking at the cheapest price, but sometimes its better than being unpleasantly surprised halfway through the project.

Understand the contracts. understand the terms. The statement of work is only one part of the larger whole. Do you know what you’ll be getting yourself into? Are there restrictive clauses in the contract? Read the contract thoroughly, take it home and better yet, review it with legal council.

Get some references. Who are you dealing with? Are you willing to trust the next 20-30 years to someone you randomly found on the internet? Make sure that you are speaking with a group that is credible. Ask for references and actually interview them in person. You want to make sure they produce quality work. make sure that you collaborate with them so you know exactly what you are going to be getting

Is there a warranty program? Do they stand by their work? Sure you can always file a claim that may or may not work out in your favor, but wouldn’t you rest easier knowing that your builder already offers some type of warranty in case of “major structural defects?” Ask, get the answer in writing and get a good night sleep.

It is important to invest a lot of effort at the beginning to fully articulate your design, but take your time. Find someone that you trust…and get out of the way. The right builder will use the right materials and will bring in the right resources at the right time to help complete the project on time and at budget. Questions, comments? We’re here to help!