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Minimalist Design Is The Next Big Thing

Minimalist design is the next big thing

Minimalist design is a rising trend in 2017, largely due to the success of an innocuous book about cleaning up and organizing. Although her book, the life-changing magic of tidying up, was published in 2011, Marie Kondo’s influence is just now gaining mainstream appeal. Without going into too much detail, Kondo asserts that a cluttered space is […]

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Ode To A Diode – Why Lighting Is Important


If architecture and interior design are the forces which give a space its shape, then lighting is that which makes it breathe. Lighting is such a fundamental component in design that its often overlooked. Think about it, were it not for lighting, the Sistine Chapel and the Smithsonian would look exactly the same inside. Sure, on the surface, it […]

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