This project involved the renovation of an existing warehouse building that came with lots of potential. It was purchased with a warren of small offices and hallways but originally built as a Ferrari showroom, so the existing structure provided plenty of clear spans and open space. Inspiration for the aesthetic came from the outstanding cars and their era but also from the client’s unique background. The client wanted to create a space that showcased his classic car collection but highlighted his taste for clean modern design at the same time. There is a full size kitchen at the center of the showroom nestled amongst some of the finest cars. Here we chose to use colors and materials that evoked aesthetics from the mid-century automotive era in a contemporary arrangement, trying to walk a thin line between kitsch and clashing. The contrast is bold yet ultimately the play between vintage and modern serves to accentuate the sleek flowing lines of the cars. At the heart of the design is the dramatic 2-story lobby which includes a curved and battered (tilted) wall of glass and a custom built floating staircase. These elements evoke the shape and movement of a high-walled racetrack turn while serving to invite clientele up to the second floor gallery. The simple polished concrete floors and white walls provide an appropriate backdrop for the collection while small details like brushed aluminum beveled corners provide subtle richness up close. The success of this project was a product of the unique collaboration between team members as the traditional roles of designer, builder, and owner were forsaken for a common vision and willingness to innovate.

  • Appx. 10,000 s.f.
  • 2 story warehouse with vehicle elevator
  • Private car collection with an average of 25 vehicles
  • Kitchen range painted in the Ferrari factory