November 8, 2016

We're Moving Into A New Facility

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We’re moving! The whole office is buzzing with activity because we are moving into a new facility in Costa Mesa, California. And it’s all because of you, our clients and our community. We’d like to thank you for all the support you’ve given us throughout the years and we look forward to continually pushing the envelope and creating smarter design for better living.

Info about facility

Our new office is a 3,800 square foot construction, roughly twice the size of our current office space. Although we have doubled our size, we want to evoke a sense of intimacy and comfort from the moment you step in the door. The entryway opens into our reception area and our feature conference room. As you move throughout the space, you will notice significantly more room for people to get comfortable and spread out their projects.

Further along, you will notice our open kitchen/breakroom, illuminated by a feature skylight above. This space evokes a casual atmosphere, where employees are encouraged to hold impromptu meetings in the open spaces. Beyond that is our second conference room and a private outdoor meeting space with a table and a yard; a reflection of our indoor/outdoor philosophy.

Another unique aspect about the construction is the building materials we used. Where possible, we sourced material through our vendors and partners, giving us an opportunity to showcase them throughout the building. We can tell their stories through their work as well.

What makes it unique?

This project has truly been a labor of love, over seven years in the making. It is every Architect’s dream to be able to design their own workspace, and we are very excited to see this dream being fulfilled. The location itself presented a number of challenges that some would find unusable but we have used them to build its character.

To begin with, the lot itself is a triangular shaped end unit with tilt-up concrete construction. Typically, tilt up units don’t allow for a lot of light. We resolved this problem by first removing all the drop ceilings and added skylights, allowing the natural light to flow throughout the space. This also created a unique symmetry within the office – the space is largest at the reception, but the roof is at the lowest point. As you progress throughout the space, the floor narrows while the exposed vault ceilings get higher.

The process of design is always growing, always evolving. We wanted to design this space to be equally iterative and agile. So we decided to decorate the walls with idea paint. What better way to foster creativity and engage with the space than to evoke the inner child in us than to be able to paint and whiteboard on the wall.

Proud residents of the community

We are proud to call Southern California home. This company was founded in Orange County and has grown throughout our 7 1/2 years into the place it is today. Our work is just as rewarding as it was at the beginning. This new space is a direct reflection of our principals. It is our hope that this new office will influence and encourage the creative process. We are always trying to push the limits of design and our organic growth stems from our belief that smarter design leads to smarter living and better homes for our community.

Questions, curious? Reach out to us – or better yet, grab a handful of markers and swing on by the office once complete. We are proud to serve our community and look forward to working with you for many years to come!

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